Your Company Hub - Notion Template

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This Notion template is designed to help collect, organize and manage projects, wikis and guides for your company.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Notions newest Projects & Tasks template
  • Wikis and Guide section for your Products and Processes
  • A Literature Hub for all your books, paper, articles and more
    • Make use of the Notion Web Clipper to never forget about an article you like
  • A Meeting Notes Database
  • A Quick Access Section to spend less time with searching
  • A Quick Notes Page to store all information you read or hear during your day - so you never forget them.
    • Make use of the Notion Mobile Widget

Now, you can be on top of everything - in one Notion Page.

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One Notion Page for any information within your company.


Your Company Hub - Notion Template

0 ratings
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